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Please Join us to encourage Congress to pass pro-playoff legislation so that a college football national championship is earned on the gridiron.

  The Miller Plan
 Congressman Gary Miller has introduced H.R. 599 to bring about college football playoffs.

H.R. 599 is straightforward and simple:

  • Prohibits receipt of Federal funds by any school with a football team that participates in NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision unless the national championship game is the culmination of a playoff system,
  • It is the responsibility of the 120 FBS schools to develop and implement the playoffs,
  • There are no restrictions from incorporating existing bowl games into playoffs or a national championship. Nor are there restrictions from non-playoff teams playing in non-playoff postseason bowl games.
Congressman Miller needs your help to pass H.R. 599, join our grassroots coalition to encourage Congress to pass pro-playoff legislation today.


  How many times over the past decade have you looked at the two teams selected by the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) to play in the National Championship Game and thought, yeah, they got it right this year?

  The NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly called Division 1A) is the only major NCAA sport without a playoff tournament to determine a champion. Every year the drum of support for playoffs beats a bit louder. In response the BCS conferences circle the wagons and stonewall true playoff reform.

  The BCS made a giant step in 1998 season with the first BCS National Championship Game. They were able to cut through generations of post-season bowl tradition, inter-conference contracts, television rights, advertising sponsorships and local entrenched community organizations to host a championship game.

  Taking the next step to reformat the post-season bowl schedule into a real playoff tournament seems to be too big of a hurdle for the collegiate conferences. Frankly, we believe it will take an act of Congress before fans see playoffs. Fortunately, President Barack Obama has expressed his desire for a college football playoff. With the help of college football fans across America, we hope to persuade Congress to pass a "playoff law" that President Obama can sign.

  BCSReform is a grassroots alliance of college football fans and former players joining together to lobby Congress to pass legislation to implement college football playoffs. We are open to legislation that will lead to a college football playoff tournament. We support efforts of elected leaders like Congressman Gary Miller (R-CA) who are attempting to pass pro-playoff laws in Congress. If you'd like to see college football playoffs, please join us to help create the critical mass of fan support in Congress. Let BCSReform.Org serve as your pro-playoff voice in Congress, please join us today.


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